About Brenda Coleman

Brenda Coleman

Brenda’s lifelong interest in plant life began when, as a child, she spent many happy hours on her father’s allotment and on river banks while he was fishing. To fill her time she enjoyed looking at plants and tried to identify them.

Her interest led her to a degree in botany and zoology and to a career teaching secondary biology. Her university course required her to produce accurate line drawings of plants and their structures, something she always enjoyed and which prepared her well when, after retirement from teaching, she took up painting for pleasure.

She attended classes and workshops which not only helped her to improve her technical skills but also to develop compositional style, both through tuition and by working alongside the many talented amateur artists she has met along the way.

Occasionally she has had the pleasure (and challenge) of branching out into painting other subject matter using different media, mostly through her involvement with the Warminster Art Society, a friendly and very active group of artists in her home town.